Demon Butler

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Demon butler chathead.png
Butler in the home area and location on the minimap.

The Demon Butler runs the Loyalty Point Shop and Credit Shop and is located on the home island.

Loyalty Point Shop

Gaining Loyalty Points:

Loyalty points are accumulated from consecutive logins; your login streak for that day is added to existing points.

Shop Stock

Item Price sold at
Mystery Box.png Mystery Box 40 LP
Super Mystery Box 90 LP
Lamp 20 LP
PvM Noted Scroll 20 LP
PvM Bank Scroll 35 LP
Resource Pack 125 LP
Slayer Task Scroll 125 LP
Resourceful Lamp 15 LP
Bonecrusher 50 LP
New Crystal Bow 120 LP
New Crystal Shield 120 LP
Clue Hunter Cloak 20 LP
Looting Bag 35 LP
Dwarven Rock Cake 2 LP

OSBY Credit Store

Acquiring OSBY Credits:

In OSBY, you can obtain credits by purchasing bonds, which can be redeemed for "$X" credits in the Donation Store, operating on a 1:1 USD-to-Credit ratio. These credits allow you to access exclusive in-game content and enhance your gaming experience.

Shop Stock

Item Price sold at
Mythical Pack 100 credits
Legendary Pack 75 credits
Investor Pack 50 credits
Mystery Box 5 credits
Super Mystery Box 10 credits
Resourceful Lamp 2 credits
PvM Noted Scroll 5 credits
PvM Bank Scroll 10 credits