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Turael chathead.png

Turael is a slayer master for starters and beginners located at home island. There are no level requirements to receive Slayer tasks from him.


Turael can assign two task difficulties, which are Easy and Medium.

Easy tasks

Task Location
Cow Neitiznot
Skeletons Taverly Dungeon
Kalphite Kalphite Dungeon
Hill Giants South West of home island
Banshees Slayer Tower
Lizards Medium Slayer Cave
Bats Medium Slayer Cave
Goblins East of home island

Medium tasks

Task Location
Cow Neitzinot
Goblins East of home island

Slayer Reward Store

Item Price
Slayer Ring (8) 75
250 x Broad bolts 35
250 x Broad arrows 35
Herb sack 750
Rune pouch 1250