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Follow these steps to install:

  1. Install Java 8 or OpenJDK 8.
  2. Download the Launcher.
  3. Launch the launcher and wait for it to update and start the client.


Snippet error

Snippet error.

There are typically 2 causes:

1. Wrong Java Version: The client requires Java 8.

  - Windows: Open PowerShell or Command Prompt and type `Java -version` to verify your Java version.
  - MacOS: Open Terminal and use the same command to verify your Java Version. If it is not Java 8, install JRE 8 and try again.

2. Missing a generated file (

  - Navigate to your cache folder to check for a file named
  - Windows: Press Windows Key + E to open the File Explorer, and navigate to `%USERPROFILE%\.osby`.
  - MacOS: Navigate to the users folder and then `.osby`. Note that on MacOS, dot folders are hidden by default.

If this file is empty or does not exist then replace it with file

The game is freezing during login

- If the game freezes (e.g., the flames stop moving), it might be due to running a VPN or a Proxy/MAC-Spoofer. - Navigate to the cache folder, and within the "client" folder, there should be a `game.jar`.

  - Windows: In the empty space next to the file, with the file unselected, Shift+Right-Click and select "Open PowerShell (or Command Prompt) here" and then run `java -jar game.jar`.
  - MacOS: Back up a directory and CMD+Shift+Right-click the folder and select "New Terminal at Folder" (or a similar command) to run the jar.

My problem is not listed

If your issue isn't covered above, join our Discord server and report your problem there.