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Home Island Map

Home Island serves as the starting point for players embarking on their OSBY adventure. Upon awakening here following a brief dialogue, new players find themselves in this central hub. This island has been thoughtfully customized, drawing inspiration from OSRS's renowned "Fossil Island". In the unfortunate event of a player's demise, Home Island also acts as their designated respawn location.

Home Island Base NPCs

Within the vicinity of the spawn area, players will encounter several NPCs bustling about.

These include:

  • Demon Butler: He will allow you to view the loyalty shop.
  • Lead Navigator: The Lead Navigator is a knowledgeable character who can provide guidance and information regarding navigation and travel to different locations.
  • Turael: Turael is a renowned slayer master, offering players assignments to hunt down specific creatures as part of the Slayer skill.
  • Aubury: A prominent figure in the field of Magic, Aubury specializes in rune trading and is a key figure in the supply of magical runes.
  • Hickton: A skilled master of the fletching skill, and handles fletching related skilling tasks.
  • Ellis: will provide hide tanning services.
  • Melee Shop Assistant: This NPC manages a shop focused on melee weapons and equipment, providing players with a range of options to enhance their combat prowess.

Three Home Huts

Home island huts and spawn point.

In the main spawn area, there are three huts with various NPCs and objects inside. Here's a breakdown of each hut:

East Hut

  • Bank chest: A secure storage facility for players to store their items.
  • Wise old man: will sell you achievement capes and allow you to set your player title.
  • Fishing shopkeeper: An NPC who sells fishing-related items and equipment.
  • Banker NPC: A character responsible for banking services, and PIN settings.
  • Trade post: A location for players to engage in trading activities.
  • Poll booth: A designated object to hand the vote rewards shop.

North Hut

  • Aemad (NPC): An NPC who may provide unique services or quests.
  • Loom: A device used for weaving various textiles and fabrics.
  • Spinning Wheel: A tool used to spin fibers into yarn or thread.

West Hut

  • Wydin (NPC): An NPC who runs a herblore store with all your secondary needs.
  • General Store Shop Keeper: An NPC responsible for managing the general store's inventory.
  • Lowe (NPC): An NPC who specializes in selling ranged weapons and ammunition.
Main Island Key Locations.png

Surrounding Locations


Upon traveling north from the spawn location, players will eventually reach a rowboat, offering a means of transportation to other destinations. Additionally, in the northern part of the island, players will come across a gathering of sand crabs, providing a suitable training ground for those at lower levels. Furthermore, scattered across the ground in this area, players will notice seaweed piles, which can be collected and utilized for various purposes. Take advantage of this resourceful environment as you continue your exploration of the island.


Heading south from the home teleport spawn, players will traverse alongside a picturesque river, where they will catch glimpses of shimmering blue dragon scales strewn along the way. Continuing their journey, they will eventually arrive at a captivating beach/desert area, replete with the presence of formidable Hill Giants. Amidst this captivating landscape, players will also notice the entrance to a tunnel, beckoning them to explore further.


In the southeastern corner of Home Island, players will encounter a vibrant community of TzHaar residents. Here, players will also come across a prominent Cave Entrance, which serves as the gateway to the majestic city of TzHaar.


Upon venturing east from the home spawn, players will encounter a diverging path that branches in three directions. Heading north along the path will lead to a low-level mining area, offering ample opportunities for resource gathering. Within this area, players will find a beginner's small furnace and an anvil, essential for honing their smithing skills. Continuing further east from the mining area, players will reach the Gem Rock pit, where sparkling Gem Rocks await to be mined and collected. Alternatively, heading south from the path junction will guide players to the melee shop assistant and a series of stalls, providing an ideal environment to practice thieving skills and earn valuable GP (gold pieces). Should players choose to forge ahead on the path beyond the thieving stalls, they will eventually find themselves at the entrance of the beginner slayer cave. However, it is essential to exercise caution along the way as hobgoblins pose a potential threat in this area. Stay vigilant and be prepared to confront these formidable adversaries as you venture deeper into the cave.


When heading in the southwestern region you can come across the Crazy Archaeologist boss and various other NPCs.